We strength our solutions getting logistic support and alliances with other organization. The aim is to leverage our alliances relationships to deliver the latest technologies competitively. 

Currently we have some local renowned manufacture companies which are always supplies us: 

1. Steel accessories
2. GI, MS, SS Pipe
3. Structural materials
4. Tower
5. Cable & all electrical accessories
6. Ladder
7. MDB box
8. Pilling Equipment
9. Shipping Company
10. Transport

And all kinds of ‘solar energy’ related Logistic Support.


After confirmation of ours by mail or something like that kind of knock we will reached their within 12 hour just in Dhaka City and out of the Capital we will moved our team within 24 hour.


Delivery condition : We can deliver the necessary products as a package

Mode of Payment : 50% of total cost will be paid check/cash as advance at the time of issuing work order.
30 % will be paid after all the equipments at sites ready for commissioning.
20% will be paid within 15 days after job completion.

Product Delivery : We are able to deliver out of product within negotiated timeframe.

Delivery Place : Delivery at site or as per negotiation.

Civil Work : Required Civil works to be done by S. P International. If done by others site must be handed over before 70 days of installation / commissioning start.

Warranty : We also provide one year after sales services for full setup of installation.

Installation & Commissioning : Installation and commissioning will be carried out by SPI personal at your project site.
Customer shall be responsible for arranging the site storage, security and the necessary work for the installation work.

Cable + Others : Included.

Maintenance Warranty : We provide contract basis maintenance for 5 or 10 years.


We started this business in 2003 and since its inception it has been steadily growing from a single service company to a provider of Civil and Electric work service and solutions for telecommunication market. Members of the team bring with them many years of valuable experience from working with equipment vendors, operators and users. This has been foundation of the company and the reason behind its continuous growth.

We started this business recently in 2009 as a joint venture and our motive is to be a provider and ensure services and solutions of “solar energy” for power development sector because power is the major obstacle for developing countries where it is not sufficient as per requirements, always be short of these things. We hope our technology, service and solution may be a revolution for power sector.